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MySpace Music & Help

Hey Guys,
I found a MySpace page that has 'Girl in the Tower' to make it as your song!
Heres the link:


Also, in regards to Kings Quest VI:
At the wedding scene at the end, how do you get everyone to appear, I only get Alex's family, Cassimas parents, Jollo, The genie and guards. How do you get all the other islands to appear? I remember them being there ages ago when i played but not recently.

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That's very cool.  I could never get the song to play on my computer.

As for getting everyone to appear, you need to complete the game the long way.  To only get the few, you must have used Beauty's clothes to get into the palace, yes?  Well, you need to skip doing that -- it means speaking to the Druids on the Isle of Mists and travelling to the Land of the Dead to challenge the Lord of the Dead.

I hope this helps.  If you still need help, I have a walkthru on my site, here.  It details the long way through the game.
Buuuut, if Cassima's parents are there, then she must have gone to the Land of the Dead.

My guess is that you didn't discover the artifacts in the basement of the palace- the one that you need to speak the password to get into.
Ooh, true; I didn't think of that.  Mmm, perhaps it was just the room of artifacts in the basement.  My bad, sorry, Alice. :)