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KQ fan fiction and KQ7 discoveries

After an unsuccessful search for King's Quest fan fiction on Google, I realized just how uncommon that sort of thing really is.

However, I've written several stories based on the KQ series, and these three are my latest, though I suggest reading my first KQ story to make sense out of the second story in this list. The first and third stories pretty much stand on their own:

The Forgotten Captives: Whatever happened to Valanice's parents, Cedric and Coignice (according to the KQ Companion)?

The Reason: Valanice is visited by a ghost of her past.

Windows to the Soul: Why the heck did Edgar's eyes change from blue to brown?

With the help of SCI Viewer, I've discovered dozens of graphics in KQ7 that didn't make it into the final game, including another cutscene with "the mysterious stranger" in Chapter 6 helping Valanice, some altered or rough versions of backgrounds, and some pretty bizarre animations of the protagonists. Prepare to have your view of KQ7 be changed...FOREVER.
Page 1 (Views, Scripts)
Page 2 (Pics, Sounds)
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