Ruthie (ruthieb) wrote in kings_quest,

KQIX/The Silver Lining Icon Set.

Hey guys,

You may remember a while ago I posted a set of user icons that I made using the wallpapers offered over at when I thought the game was going to be shut down.  It's back now, and I've re-vamped the icon set.  I think they look much better now, and thought I'd offer them up for download again.


Rest of the set includes Graham, Valanice, Alexander, Cassima, Edgar and Shadrack.

They can be found at my screencap/graphics journal, ruthies_caps.  It's the most recent entry, but when I've posted something else, the post will go into the memories. :)

Download, use, enjoy!  Just comment in the thread at my journal if you're taking them, and credit either ruthieb or ruthies_caps if you decide to use them

Enjoy the icons!
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