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kings_quest's Journal

The Games of Roberta Williams
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Welcome to the Roberta Williams-related community brought to you by xxnoirxx and preludetoicecrm, both avid fans of the King's Quest series, plus more. Please, feel free to join and discuss any and all games created by Roberta Williams or anything else related to Ms. Williams's work here. Enjoy!

~The oh-dreaded Rules of the Crown~

1. Particurally long entries or entries containing several images (or one being large in size) must be behind a labled cut.
2. "Spoilers" do not need to be behind a cut, but for the sake for those who may not have played the entire King's Quest series, Laura Bow series, etc. please note such at the beginning of your entry.
3. Flaming and excessive lamenting will not be permitted. Use your own journal to be hateful.
4. Have fun and help promote. We command you to!

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