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KQ Forums

Hey guys,

Just thought I'd write a quick note to let you know that I've opened up several King's Quest-themed forums over at my site.  There's a general chatter board, for things like KQIX news, a role-plays board to let you explore Daventry and the surrounding countries as one of your favourite KQ characters and a help board, for anyone that's stuck with any of the puzzles in the 8 KQ games.  I must stress that I can only deal with puzzle issues, no tech support.  But any puzzle questions, please ask!  I can help!

Boards are found here:

Just scroll a little way down the page and you'll find them. :)

I hope to see some of you around there real soon!

Oh ... and I've also taken over management of the King's Quest webring, so if you have a site, think about joining up.  We have very few sites at the moment, so we need some more members.  Take a look at the ring here:  Thanks much!
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